We are renewable ENERGY EXPERTS

We have 20 years of experience designing and installing sustainable energy systems. Below are the main areas we focus on. We install complete home energy systems to increase the benefits so individuals and organisations can reduce their carbon footprint technologies. Our Facebook page has a sample of some recent projects.

We install solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) systems generate electricity from daylight. The electricity generated is used in the property with any spare being exported to the grid (or stored in a battery).

We install batteries

Battery systems for Solar PV installations allow you to store surplus solar energy to use when you need it, allowing you to reduce how much electricity you buy from the grid. We install battery systems which give seamless back-up power suply when the mains power is down.

We install renewable heating

Heat pumps, Biomass & Solar Thermal are great ways to lower the Carbon Footprint of heating your home whilst earning the Renewable Heating Incentive and claiming the Green Homes Grant. We design, supply and install renewable heating systems including complex systems with multiple technologies.

We are trusted sustainability experts

We provide services ranging from Enviromental Audits and Carbon Footprinting of individual business to the assesment of thousands of houses for Local Authorities. We frequently provide Renewable Energy Design advice to Universities and Housing Associations and often review Sustainability Plans for multinational businesses.