We have an office in Sherwood (Nottingham) and a warehouse and head office in Ilkeston. To reduce our environmental impact and showcase the technologies we install, our main office is equipped with the following green technologies:

Solar PV

Two 3.6kW systems were installed on the units roof allowing us to compare the performance of mono and poly crystalline panels


We have a gasifying log boiler and use logs and broken pallets for fuel. The heat is stored, pumped through the radiators when needed, and we earn money from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Solar Thermal

A solar thermal collector is installed on the roof to provide hot water. The system earns income from the Renewable Heat Incentive .

Heat Recovery Fans

Heat recovery fans have been installed in the offices to provide fresh air without wasting heat.

Heat recovery fans draw stale air from the building, and replace it with fresh air from outside which is pre-heated by the warm outgoing air.


The office space in the warehouse is insulated from all sides to reduce the heat load and therefore fuel required to heat the space. The walls are insulated with polyurethane insulation. The ceiling is insulated with mineral fibre.


Electricity consumption and generation (from the photovoltaics) at our offices is monitored by data loggers designed and installed by T4 using open-source technology. In general, the solar panels generate far more than electricity than the offices use.

Electric Van

To help us reduce vehicle emmisions we have a Nissan electric van which gets charged up by our solar PV array helping us to reduce our use of fossil fuels.