Air Source Heat pumpS

We install Samsung Gen 6 heat pumps for home owners, contractors and property developers. We are MCS and Trustmark approved heat pump installers meaning our installs qualify for support from the Green Homes Grant and Renewable Heat Incentive.

We can also install underfloor heating as part of a heat pump installation, the lower flow temperatures help improve the efficency.

Heat pumps can work with your existing radiator system although some radiators require upgrading, this is different for each install and we can check this for you.

Heat pumps work by expanding and compressing a refrigerant gas in the same was a fridge does. The expanded gas is passed around the collector in the out-door unit where it absorbs heat from the air and is then compressed to concentrate all that heat together to create a high temperature gas.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps collect their energy from the ground instead of the air which has a more consistent temperature throughout the year and so offers greater efficency. To install the required collector pipework you will either need boarholes drilled or a large field next to your property which can have a pipes burried at around 1.5m depth.

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