Residential PV

Solar PV enables you to lower your carbon footprint and energy bills. When paired with an immersion diverter or a battery system you can increase your use of the energy you generate.

We install photovoltaic systems, immersion diverters, car chargers and battery storage systems for homeowners. As well as installing systems, we have experience of maintaining systems; both identifying faults and repairing them e.g. inverter replacements.

Benefits of PV

  • Reduce your home emissions
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Supports UK energy independence
  • Silent power generation
  • No servicing requirements
  • Pairs well for increased gain with batteries, heatpumps and Electric cars

Recent project:

We designed a system for a new build house using all-black panels and ballasted on-roof panel supports to ensure they match the aesthetic of the building.

The system generates electricity for the house with surplus being used to heat the hot water.

Flat roof installation to provide electricity and hot water.

Maximising use of generation in the home

Any electricity you generate but do not use at your property will be exported to the grid and help lower carbon emissions. If you have a smart meter you can sign up to the Smart Export Guarantee and you receive a payment for this export but it is likely to be a lot less then what you pay for electricity.

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